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Tips for Online Marketing

So you’re doing the work. Give yourself a pat on the back. You’re showing up every day for your online audience and you’re having fun while doing it. You notice there are people commenting, you’re getting some responses, and you spend time liking, sharing, and interacting with fellow business owners on social media.

But how do you know if it is really working? Well, my girlfriends, that’s where metrics come in.

So if you’re just getting started or have been online for a while, here are a few of the important metrics to track and how to do it.

  1. Set a timeline. Every week, every month, and every quarter, you should be setting specific goals in a specific amount of time to make sure you are not getting loss in the abyss that is social media. Get on, get going, and get off to other money-making opportunities. So whichever way you want to track that, whether the old-fashioned pen and paper way or on a google sheet, set a timeline to interact with x amount of new followers, follow up with x amount of current followers, and go for x amount of potential collaborators.
  2. Website traffic. Do not forget to measure how many people are coming to your website after a specific post. Perhaps you would like to do this monthly, and look at which posts drove the best traffic to your site and which ones ended up converting to sales. By assessing this information, you can figure out why certain messages resulted in more traffic and why. Then go ahead and repeat, repeat, repeat.
  3. New Visitors vs. Ol’ Faithfuls: Sometimes all of our attention goes towards our current supporters, but the real purpose is making more money and expanding online so don’t make the mistake of simply keeping up with who is already in your network. When you get a new like, a new follower, or a new sign up, make sure you are doing your due diligence to follow up accordingly and keep this information in an easily accessible folder either on your desk or on your google drive to hold yourself accountable for following up.

Those are a few of our top suggestions for how to properly assess how your online platforms are performing. There is always room for improvement and the numbers don’t lie. So set yourself up properly and make the most out of your time online.

A Moment of Gratitude

Enjoy the moment has been grossly underrated. That’s certainly been the case with this pandemic. Something about not being able to enjoy the simple act of meeting up for coffee, gathering for a glass of wine on a Friday night, or joining some of Hawaii’s Top Women in Business for a professional event really puts life into perspective. When these small, everyday options are taken off the table, only then do we really feel and understand their true purpose in our lives and appreciate their ability to allow us to connect and to share space and heart.

At RUSHwahine, we have built strong relationships with our industry partners who assist us in our mission to encourage, educate and empower fellow wahine in business here in the islands. Years of working in the Hospitality Industry, our founder, Terra Foti, who’s husband is the current General Manager of the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort and Spa, knows all too well the pain our local venues, hotels, and resorts are experiencing.

Every few months, for the past six (6) years, RUSHwahine has hosted a variety of evening and day events throughout Hawai’i and we want to take a moment to recognize those partnerships and let them know we haven’t forgotten about them or the importance of returning in order to help an industry Hawai’i so heavily relies on recover.

A huge MAHALO to our past and current venue partners. We look forward to sharing time and space with you again in the near future.







And, as always, if you or someone you know is ready to commit to starting and growing a successful business, then become a member TODAY. What better time than now to focus on improving your work, your services, and yourself. Sign up below.

Thriving Together

As the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are starting to be felt on a local level, we must now, more than ever, work together to succeed. It is in times such as these that the RUSHwahine community, through a mindset of collaboration over competition and abundance, can offer support, guidance, and insight on how to properly and strategically navigate this period of uncertainty. 

Supporters and members of RUSHwahine are encouraged to stay positive and use this time as an opportunity to organize,  plan, and full-proof their businesses to the max. One way we can all do that is by beefing up our online systems and structures so they are efficient, effective and impactful. While we are hibernating and taking care of our wellbeing for the sake of others and ourselves, now is a great time to focus on how to develop and perfect your digital libraries so they are making money for you and not cutting into your time. If you’re like us, we use the web for everything, from our banking systems and timekeeping programs to our budgeting projections and marketing campaigns. And in the spirit of community, we are going to be sharing those with you through our weekly emails. Make sure you’re checking your inboxes. We also are getting ready for an online challenge led by our founder Terra Foti. 

Terra will be offering a 7-Day Abundance Mindset and Online Content Challenge that will guide you through the process of content creation. Every day you will be tasked with a goal, and by the end of the 7 days you will have a full-week of accomplishments (and content) that will set you up for digital success in the long-run.  

FREE for members, only $19.99 for non-members, we look forward to seeing you online!  

And remember, we at RUSHwahine are also here for you, especially during this time of the unknown. Let’s join forces to keep hope alive and let’s thrive together through membership and support. Gear up because the challenge starts Monday. 

Also, it’s important for us to not lose sight of our blessings. We as business owners are fortunate to have the resources we do, even in challenging times. That is why we are encouraging you to think of those less fortunate right now and give back if you can. One way you can do that is through your local food pantry. Here is a list of the local food banks and links to their websites.

We’ll see you Monday morning and don’t forget to sign up for the challenge on our Facebook page. 




Big Island 

Pono is Key for Business in Hawai’i

In Hawai’i, we do things a little differently. That’s thanks to the aloha spirit that embodies us all. Whether you’re considered malihini or are a kanaka maoli, all who live and work here have a duty to stay true to the values of our culture and bring those values into our businesses; one of the most important values for us is being pono.

Being pono is in essence to live right, to act right, and to treat others right. Here at RUSHwahine, we encourage our members to be pono in all aspects of their business especially, and that means to be part of a collaborative culture that aligns us with those who can positively feed our fire. Co-existing in a small footprint packed with unexpected cliques not afraid to light up coconut wireless faster than the network you’re streaming on, there’s little to no tolerance for anything other than for us to strive in this manner.

It also means honoring your word, sticking to your agreements, and staying committed to work that continues to serve your mind, body, soul. One way to do that is through a membership where you will be able to reflect on your business decisions then massage, rearrange and fine-tune with the help of our other members. One of the amazing aspects of our grassroots, all-female empowerment core is our ability to create a safe place for all members to share, be vulnerable, be honest, and most importantly, be pono together. The path towards success may not look the same for everyone, but if your choices, actions, words and deeds are aligned with the best intentions possible, then once you obtain the success you seek you will feel satisfied and proud of yourself because you did it the right way.

Let us know how you can be pono in your life and business. What actions can you take today to live a more righteous and honest life for yourself, your family and your community? Who can you reach out to for encouragement and what do you need to be fulfilled? Let us know. Send your thoughts to our contact us page, and keep checking back to see what events are happening in RUSHwahine.

Together We Rise

On Friday, Jan. 10, we had our first-ever RUSHwahine Big Island event. Mahalo everyone who welcomed RUSHwahine with open arms, it was a beautiful evening against the backdrop of the Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa and we were so happy to be there.

More than 30 powerful business women attended to share their stories, goals, and achievements and how they plan to take their lives and their businesses to the next level in 2020. From the owner of a Hilo Pet Grooming and Boarding Facility to aspiring entrepreneurs, hearing how each and every one of these strong, independent women are making the most of their time and their life through their work is one of the incredible benefits of RUSHwahine where we believe in learning through shared experiences and bonding before business. If attendees at events gain anything from these moments, we hope it’s the understanding that ONLY together we can RISE! A rising tide lifts all boats. This means that when we all share, when we all support each other, and focus on collaboration over competition, then we will also share in each other’s blessings as well. As a member you tap into a community dedicated to your overall success by accessing tools and resources that further empower you to make sound decisions that elevate and protect your business. 

We offer a safe space for women to be candid about their lives and businesses and provide supportive feedback on how to successfully grow TOGETHER. Membership is beneficial to both entrepreneurs and business leaders looking to advance in the next few months. Connections made from these events are amazing, but without proper action that’s all they are. During membership, you will be held accountable for your goals and receive solid strategy on how to accomplish them by other trusted women in our network. Many of us are facing the same challenges and being able to bounce ideas, opportunities and obstacles off of a team is imperative to your progress. We should always stay nimble and adjust for improvement and through RUSHwahine you can unmask and navigate your life and business towards your true north. 

Mahalo again to our feature business and exhibitor Kiana Clifford, owner and designer of Kiki&Naia  for showcasing your one of a kind pieces and CBD products! Congratulations to Karen Furtado, owner of Shear Magic Pet Salon who won a free 2night stay certificate at our host resort, and to one of our newest members, Kathy Sprinkle, artist/owner of Sprinkle of Aloha  and organizer of the Big Island Art Fair at Anna Ranch who won a complimentary Premier Level RUSHwahine Annual Membership, we look forward to growing with you! 



Pamela Leslie, Monique DePonte and Kathy Sprinkle


Deslynn Jaquias


Elena Martinez

And to all of you lovely ladies who made Friday night one to remember, a sincere thank you for showing up! We look forward to seeing you again on the Big Island in July. Until then, continue to RISE and bloom through membership!

Up Next: Intro to Mastermind, January 22nd at 10a HST.  Register here.