Terra Malia Foti, founded RUSHwahine in January 2014, her first year of entrepreneurship. Born and raised on O’ahu, Terra has cultivated an understanding of the traits that drive business in Hawai’i. Trust and credibility are paramount for successful relationships and she is humbled by the opportunity to share in such a unique business environ.

Equipped with a lofty background in the Hospitality Industry, Terra combines her sales, marketing and catering lens to create emotional provoking events allowing attendees to connect, identify business opportunities and feel safe sharing both wins and best practices unabashedly. Forward thinking, Terra wants to begin rooting wahine4hawaii (RUSHwahine Foundation) and begin to seed future wahine entrepreneurs through mentorship and capital. A high percentage of youth leave the state after high school in search of broader opportunities and affordability. Her goal is to provide a toolkit for young women to start a business so that they can survive and thrive while remaining home in Hawai’i should they choose. Terra’s professional drive allows a personal freedom she is most appreciative for – being a supportive wife and mother while blending her business focuses. Having Terra Foti as the Founder of RUSHwahine has given women from all walks of life a chance at succeeding in reaching their career goals and aspirations.  FACE TO THE SKY!

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