Know Your Worth

We hear from people we love and appreciate all the time- know your worth. 

Whether it’s your sister, your mother, a friend, or a co-worker, this healthy reminder is handed out to us by trusted allies to wake us up to the fact that we are indeed worthy of the life we’ve always dreamed of, the relationships we’ve always wanted, the house, the career, and whatever else is on our bucket list. What that looks like for each individual differs, but one thing we all share in common is that we all have held ourselves back from time to time. Whether we shrank out of the fear of standing out, or passed on opportunities because we didn’t truly embrace our power, it’s time we make a valid effort to start choosing differently in those moments and to give ourselves permission to make the purchase, achieve the goal, or buy that membership once and for all. 

This Forbes Magazine article was written by a career coach and consultant who touches on why the issue of self-investment is more prevalent in women than men. In her field, she’s found that men are often quicker to purchase her services and see the value in self investment where as women tend to struggle more with it. Her male clients see the value in spending money on professional services, knowing and trusting it will take them to the next level, where as women typically feel they need to check with someone else first, do more research, or wait for the right time. What she found is that women are often more afraid of the idea of gaining more success, and, of course, believe the money would be better spent on somebody else other than themselves. Now if this sounds like you you are not alone, but we at RUSHwahine are here to encourage you to break these mental blocks and take back your power once and for all. We want you to reach for the stars. We want you to stop listing all the reasons you can’t grow, even in times like these, and start listing the reasons why you will! 

That is why membership at RUSHwahine is so valuable. In our network, you have 24-7 access to like-minded female business leaders who you can bounce ideas off of, get advice, leads, and encouragement. Membership also comes with a mastermind accountability group, where twice a month you meet with the women in your cohort to set professional goals and maintain focus on your financial endeavors. And it’s only $40 a month. The best part of being a RUSHwahine member is that you get out of it what you put in. But one thing is for sure- you will guarantee make your membership back through sales, collaborations, and exposure. So, today, we would like to ask you- what’s holding you back? What’s your excuse? Buy your RUSHwahine membership today.  You are worth it!


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