Intro to Mastermind Accountability Groups

Mastermind Accountability Groups


Join Terra Foti, founder of RUSHwahine as she walks us through an intro to our Mastermind Accountability Program. Masterminds provide a safe space where you and your team focus on navigating your business to reach ultimate success. You work together, year-round in holding one another accountable in meeting and exceeding your SMART GOALS, provide constructive feedback on real life scenarios, celebrate your wins and bulletproof your business battles.


Registration required. Grab your unicorn horn, we’ll see you in there!

This meeting takes place on zoom.com, please accept the calendar invite for the access link 24hours prior.

A Moment of Gratitude

Enjoy the moment has been grossly underrated. That’s certainly been the case with this pandemic. Something about not being able to enjoy the simple act of meeting up for coffee, gathering for a glass of wine on a Friday night, or joining some of Hawaii’s Top Women in Business for a professional event really puts life into perspective. When these small, everyday options are taken off the table, only then do we really feel and understand their true purpose in our lives and appreciate their ability to allow us to connect and to share space and heart.

At RUSHwahine, we have built strong relationships with our industry partners who assist us in our mission to encourage, educate and empower fellow wahine in business here in the islands. Years of working in the Hospitality Industry, our founder, Terra Foti, who’s husband is the current General Manager of the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort and Spa, knows all too well the pain our local venues, hotels, and resorts are experiencing.

Every few months, for the past six (6) years, RUSHwahine has hosted a variety of evening and day events throughout Hawai’i and we want to take a moment to recognize those partnerships and let them know we haven’t forgotten about them or the importance of returning in order to help an industry Hawai’i so heavily relies on recover.

A huge MAHALO to our past and current venue partners. We look forward to sharing time and space with you again in the near future.







And, as always, if you or someone you know is ready to commit to starting and growing a successful business, then become a member TODAY. What better time than now to focus on improving your work, your services, and yourself. Sign up below.

SMART TAXES for Business Owners

Maximizing tax savings begins with proactive planning and as individual business owners life and work can get a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re still establishing a relationship with your money. Join Terra Foti, founder of RUSHwahine and guest speaker Janean Kong, Hawaii’s ONLY Certified Tax Planner for some tips and advice on how to set yourself up for financial success through tax planning.

Thriving Together

As the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are starting to be felt on a local level, we must now, more than ever, work together to succeed. It is in times such as these that the RUSHwahine community, through a mindset of collaboration over competition and abundance, can offer support, guidance, and insight on how to properly and strategically navigate this period of uncertainty. 

Supporters and members of RUSHwahine are encouraged to stay positive and use this time as an opportunity to organize,  plan, and full-proof their businesses to the max. One way we can all do that is by beefing up our online systems and structures so they are efficient, effective and impactful. While we are hibernating and taking care of our wellbeing for the sake of others and ourselves, now is a great time to focus on how to develop and perfect your digital libraries so they are making money for you and not cutting into your time. If you’re like us, we use the web for everything, from our banking systems and timekeeping programs to our budgeting projections and marketing campaigns. And in the spirit of community, we are going to be sharing those with you through our weekly emails. Make sure you’re checking your inboxes. We also are getting ready for an online challenge led by our founder Terra Foti. 

Terra will be offering a 7-Day Abundance Mindset and Online Content Challenge that will guide you through the process of content creation. Every day you will be tasked with a goal, and by the end of the 7 days you will have a full-week of accomplishments (and content) that will set you up for digital success in the long-run.  

FREE for members, only $19.99 for non-members, we look forward to seeing you online!  

And remember, we at RUSHwahine are also here for you, especially during this time of the unknown. Let’s join forces to keep hope alive and let’s thrive together through membership and support. Gear up because the challenge starts Monday. 

Also, it’s important for us to not lose sight of our blessings. We as business owners are fortunate to have the resources we do, even in challenging times. That is why we are encouraging you to think of those less fortunate right now and give back if you can. One way you can do that is through your local food pantry. Here is a list of the local food banks and links to their websites.

We’ll see you Monday morning and don’t forget to sign up for the challenge on our Facebook page. 




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